5-24-a035IMG_3378.jpgAlex Krauska is a first-year linguistics PhD student at the University of Maryland – College Park. Her research interests include syntax, morphology, and pyscholinguistics. In her free time, she plays the bass for a band called Step-Dad, cares for a variety of houseplants, and misses her dog (who is at home in Wisconsin).

She completed her undergraduate degree in linguistics at Northwestern University, where she served as the Co-President of the NU Linguistics Student Association and the Co-President of the Syntax Club.

This site will serve as a collection of original articles, projects and written pieces by Alex Krauska. She used to be a journalism student, and keeps some old articles around for posterity.

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Email: akrauska@umd.edu

GitHub: github.com/alex-krauska

Twitter?: twitter.com/alex_krauska