new haircutI’m a second-year PhD student in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Maryland – College Park, advised by Omer Preminger and Ellen Lau. My research interests include syntax, morphology, pyscholinguistics, and computational approaches to those topics. I am a UMD Dean’s Fellow.

I completed my undergraduate degree in linguistics at Northwestern University, where I worked as a research assistant in the Syntax, Semantics, and Sentence Processing Lab, led by Masaya Yoshida. There, we used eye tracking, self-paced reading and acceptability judgement experiments to investigate mental representations of syntactic structure. My honors thesis, advised by Masaya, investigated the effects of zero-derivation on sentence processing behavior. I also served as the Co-President of the NU Linguistics Student Association and the Co-President of the Syntax Club.

In my free time, I play music, care for a variety of houseplants, and miss my dog (who is at home in Wisconsin).

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Email: akrauska@umd.edu

GitHub: github.com/alex-krauska